4. Insurance & Registration

After the bus was purchased we had to get insurance and registration. We were able to get the bus insured as a “bus conversion” through GMAC insurance. Word to the wise: GMAC is the only insurance company out there that will insure a vehicle like this, so the rules are tricky.

The bus was considered an automobile by the Department of Motor Vehicles. This is an important distinction because if someone at DMV thinks you are using your vehicle for commerical use they will require you to have a Class C license. So make sure it is registered as an automobile.  Also, when you have certain amenities in your mobile vehicle such as a tub, toilet, bed–this will constitute RV status to the DMV meaning you will want to go in and change your status with DMV from an automobile, to RV. They will require that you show them the inside of your mobile vehicle to recieve the status. The reason this is important is that RVs get home owners rights, which is helpful for taxes and credit.  Also the police cannot search your vehicle without a warrant when it has RV status.  This is an issue for those who live in a mobile home, automobiles can be searched with probable cause (police discretion).  Know your rights and protect them.


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  1. mochagypsy says:

    I’ve been living full-time in my camper van for two months and loving it! If I’m ever blessed with a family, a bus like yours is the way to go! Great info on the auto/RV distinction when dealing with authorities… very helpful!

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