5. Creating a bus blueprint

We worked on a list of things we wanted in the bus, thinking of comfort, space, and functionality and then Rich created a working floor plan on Auto CAD.  We also used a graph paper notebook to take detailed notes on dimensions of various appliances and furniture that we liked.   All of this amounted to our scraping several intial ideas for others–leading us closer to the construction.  Before this process we had bought appliances at a ‘going out of business’ sale–to later realize that if we had created an accurate floorplan, we wouldn’t have spent money on items that were too large for the space. Therefore it is important to do the research and keep a log of your findings, setting up an organized way of determining what you will need in your home.


3 thoughts on “

  1. How do you like your composting toilet? Is it working well for you? Is it really an odor free operation? Are there any challenges?

    I’m also interested to know what you think of your solar fridge — Love your bus conversion, great ideas!



  2. maybluebus says:

    I know Rich already got back to you but I just wanted to say congrats on your journey into bus living! It’s a beautiful way of life, having done it for 5 years now I have found it to be a daily dose of inspiration. As for the composting toilet, they are finicky. Meaning you have to be comfortable dealing with poo and leakages/spills. We create a lot of solar power just to run the heating element in the toilet and despite that we can’t run the toilet very long which means it’s not fully functioning all of the time which leads to leaks. There is an odor when you rotate the bowl within but only if you open the toilet seat afterward. You can slightly smell urine when you have the heater on but it’s not bad. The fridge is awesome! Oh to have yogurt in the morning! I still can’t get over it..how convenient. It’s really about the simple pleasures, that’s what doing this has allowed…when you implement one more thing you didn’t have for awhile, like a fridge, you idolize the appliance or new feature, everyday…really I’m not joking!:)
    So I love the fridge, although we have a lot of solar going just so we can have it…so make sure the power consumption and output match exactly. I look forward to hearing more about your plans, please keep in touch!
    Best regards,

    • Awesome! Yeah, it sounds like composting toilet might not be quite for us, sounds like it works about as well as our porta potti Thetford Curve, which isn’t supposed to smell at all with the natural enzymes we have for the tank, but emptying it makes me a little squeamish… Do you run a generator at all or are you completely solar? Are you parked in one spot/typically SF bound or do you travel around a lot? Pardon that I have a million questions; you guys have the most similar (in the US , anyway) operation to what we are looking for! Thanks again for all the great info — We’d love to do a formal interview with you on one of our road trips for my Husband’s book at some point, if you are interested…

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